Personal Genomics and Your Health

Who are you, and what makes you you? How is your DNA affecting your health, and what problems could arise later? Personal genomics is an area of genomics focused on an individual’s genome sequencing - this personal genome diagnostic helps to analyze a person’s biology and provide information for potential health plans and treatments. From confirming the presence of a familial disease to identifying potential adverse drug reactions, the study of personal genomics is extensive and shaping the future of healthcare. In this course, you’ll learn how genetics and genomics are currently being used in medical decisions, practices, and applications, and how the field is evolving for future usage.

  • Address the challenges faced when implementing genomics into the clinic setting
  • Interpret genome and genetic variants and their clinical importance
  • Acquire genetic data for medical and consumer testing
  • Understand the role of genetics in drug response (pharmacogenomics)
  • Weigh the pros and cons of clinical genetic testing in prenatal, pediatric and adult settings)

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Online, self-paced
10-18 Hours
Genetics and Genomics Program Advanced Topics in Genetics and Genomics
Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Center for Health Education