Work Smarter with Crowdsourcing

What if your organization could quickly and inexpensively tap into the ideas of millions of people around the world? How might their insights help your organization solve problems and generate new ideas? Crowdsourcing using artificial intelligence (AI) enables you to collect large amounts of data, gather feedback, collaborate, and distribute work without expanding your current infrastructure. In this digital transformation course, you’ll learn how to use crowdsourcing technologies that harness the power of AI to capture vast amounts of data and help solve your organization’s challenges.

  • Identify the benefits of utilizing crowdsourcing and AI in organizations
  • Evaluate the challenges and ethical considerations of using AI and crowdsourcing technologies
  • Experiment with different types of crowdsourcing platforms to analyze which would work best to drive AI within your organization

Course Outline

What is Crowdsourcing?
Explore examples of crowdsourcing and human-computer interaction. Learn what crowdsourcing can and cannot do in today's digital world.
The Wisdom of Crowds
Examine which types of problems can be solved with crowds. Explore the different approaches and perspectives of crowdsourcing.
Quality Control and Incentives
Learn how to address quality control and incentive issues and how to extract high-quality data from crowdsourcing in order to benefit your organization.
Paid Crowdsourcing and Data Annotation
Explore different perspectives of paid crowdsourcing and managing data, as well as crowd algorithms and crowd-powered systems.
The Future of Crowds, A.I., and Work
Learn how the future of work and workers will evolve with crowdsourcing. Explore how expert crowds, flash teams, and flash organizations may play a role in this future.

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Online, self-paced
6.5 hours
Digital Transformation Program
Stanford School of Engineering