The Ethical Analyst

Ethics, and making choices to do the right thing, are not something we are fully conscious of all the time. And yet ethics play a critical role in both personal and professional success and satisfaction. In this course, you will gain an awareness of the principles that form ethical judgments and learn to create and/or enhance your own personal ethical code. Through engaging lectures and discussions, we’ll examine ethical temptation and compromise and seek to understand the unintended consequences of transgressions. We’ll explore different ethical scenarios, both in professional and personal life, and evaluate these challenges from different perspectives. You will create new ethical principles and clarify existing ones, discovering how these principles can enhance your life and help you make more disciplined, life-enhancing decisions.

You Will Learn

  • Logic and principles to clarify your own ethical thinking
  • Practical tools for responding to life’s inevitable ethical challenges and temptations
  • How to develop your own personal ethical code
  • How to exercise disciplined decision-making based on your ethical code

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$1,352.00 - $4,056.00 Subject to change
Online, instructor-led
10 Weeks, 3-10 hrs/week
Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate Technology and Engineering Management Graduate Certificate
Stanford School of Engineering