Writing through Struggle

Today's world can be a challenging place to navigate, with so much conflict all around us on a daily basis. The practice of creative writing, however, can provide us with the opportunity to create meaning through language and community and can often act as a healing force in our lives. Whether we are stressed by the current political climate or by a more individual difficulty or loss, the simple act of writing through struggle can bring purpose and satisfaction. To understand how other writers have brought their own lives to the page, we will read brief samples of literary art, from contemporary blogs and short stories to Romantic poetry. Each weekday, students will receive a writing prompt and will set a goal of freewriting to the prompt for a minimum of thirty minutes, then make a brief comment to one other student in the class. The prompts will challenge us to explore and expand our personal truths into the three major genres of writing: creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. The goal will be simply to express ourselves, without worrying about the ultimate form of our creativity. Students will complete this course with a strong writing practice in place, a community of supportive fellow writers who are tackling their own struggles, and a sense of where to go next.

Caroline Goodwin
Former Stegner Fellow, Stanford


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Online, instructor-led
Feb 20 - Mar 22, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies