RxJS Masterclass

Advanced RxJS: Best Practices and Patterns

Dive into the depths of reactive programming with our comprehensive advanced course on RxJS, focusing on subjects, multicasting operators, schedulers, observable testing, and an arsenal of best practices and patterns to enhance your RxJS skills. This course provides hands-on lessons and labs designed to solidify your understanding and expertise in managing complex data streams effectively.

What Students Will Learn

  • Understanding and utilizing Subjects and Multicasting Operators to manage and share data streams.
  • Efficiently handling asynchronous tasks using various Schedulers.
  • Mastering Marble Testing to simulate and test observables.
  • Applying the Subscribe and Assert pattern for observable testing.
  • Learning advanced RxJS Tips & Tricks to optimize code and streamline data flow management.


To fully benefit from this course, students should have a foundational knowledge of RxJS and basic understanding of reactive programming concepts. Familiarity with JavaScript and asynchronous programming is also recommended.

Course Contents

  • Subjects and Multicasting Operators: Explore how to utilize various subjects for effective data sharing and state management across multiple subscribers.
  • Intro to Schedulers: Learn about different types of schedulers and their specific use-cases in managing execution contexts and improving performance.
  • Testing Observables with Marble Testing: Gain proficiency in Marble Testing to visualize and test observable sequences and their interactions.
  • Testing Observables with Subscribe and Assert Pattern: Learn testing techniques that focus on the observables' emitted results and error handling.
  • RxJS Tips and Tricks: Discover various tips and tricks to refine your RxJS implementations and make your code cleaner and more efficient.

Who This Course Is For

This course is ideal for software developers and engineers who have basic to intermediate experience with RxJS and wish to elevate their skills in reactive programming, particularly those looking to implement complex data stream management and performance optimizations in their applications.

Real-World Applications

Upon completion of this course, learners will be equipped to architect and implement advanced RxJS solutions in real-world scenarios. These skills are highly applicable in developing high-performance web applications, real-time data processing systems, and complex event-handling architectures, significantly boosting the scalability and efficiency of software solutions.

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