Angular Basics (v16)

Angular Basics (v16) NEW

Instructor: Todd Motto

Dive into the modern Angular v16 through a comprehensive course designed to teach you best practices and patterns evolved over the years. With a focus on scalable architecture, immutable data structures, state services, and the latest Standalone Components, this course enables you to build an application from start to finish while fast-tracking your Angular development skills.

What Students Will Learn:

  • Foundational and advanced concepts of Angular's component architecture.
  • Template-driven techniques including bindings and expressions.
  • Handling application state using services and state management techniques.
  • Effective form controls and validations within Angular frameworks.
  • Communications with backend servers via Angular’s HttpClient and handling routing and navigation.
  • New Standalone Component architecture introduced in Angular v16.


This course requires learners to have a basic understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript, as well as familiarity with web development concepts such as HTML and CSS.

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to Angular, its components, and data flow management.
  • Essential Angular template syntax, including interpolation and data binding.
  • Developing smart and dumb components and their interactions within an Angular application.
  • Styling components with scoped styles and CSS encapsulation.
  • Using Angular Pipes for data transformation inline.
  • Rendering flows with Angular structural directives like NgIf and NgFor.
  • Template-driven forms, data bindings, validation and handling form submission.
  • Creating and managing state within services and implementing immutable state transformations.
  • Complex service interaction patterns including API requests and data management.
  • Configuring routing, navigation, and understanding advanced routing mechanisms.
  • Introduction and deep dive into Standalone Components, including their setup and lazy loading.

Who This Course Is For:

This course is ideal for developers who are new to Angular as well as those with some experience who wish to update their skills with the latest in Angular (version 16), focusing on modern development practices and component architectures.

Applying Skills in a Real World:

Post completion of this course, learners can apply the skills to:

  • Develop scalable and maintainable web applications using Angular.
  • Enhance existing applications with more efficient components and services.
  • Create interactive and dynamic user interfaces with powerful frontend development techniques.
  • Communicate effectively with backend services to create full-stack applications.
  • Implement the latest best practices in real-world Angular projects for better performance and user experience.

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