Demand Creation: Launching and Growing Your Product

While it’s nice to think that an awesome product will sell itself, this is rarely the case. To drive product growth profitably, you need an effective demand creation system.

In this course, you will learn how to create and maintain a system for growing your product and generating consumer demand. You’ll build your own toolbox of introductory skills in audience targeting, campaign strategy, growth tactics, and performance measurement that you can use to profitably launch and market your product.

  • Develop a strategy for product growth that aligns with your target audience
  • Create a repeatable process for building customer demand and retention
  • Craft product messaging that appeals to your audience and reinforces your brand
  • Navigate the nuances of growth hacking, platform marketing, and developer marketing

Course Outline

Target Markets and Audiences
Learn how to identify and target specific customer groups to drive growth and demand. Apply techniques for defining a target market and building personas with a demand lens.
Demand Objectives and Strategy
Explore the role of the sales and marketing funnel and the buyer's journey in developing an effective demand and growth strategy. Learn the definition of common demand strategy terms like “lead,” “lead nurturing,” and “lead scoring.”
Demand Vehicles
Learn about the two vehicles you can use to create demand and drive growth: inbound and outbound. Determine how to select the right demand vehicle for a given situation.
Learn how to collect data on metrics like return on investment (ROI). Examine why measurement is essential to enable businesses to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their strategies to achieve their goals.
Branding and Messaging
Discover the significance of a strong brand and how it can impact the growth and demand creation of a business. Learn the basics of brand communication and messaging tips for your company.
Module 7 Growth Hacking
Explore the concept of growth hacking and how it differs from traditional marketing. Examine elements of growth hacking that are becoming a mainstream part of all marketing and demand creation.
Module 8 Fireside Chats
Hear from a diverse group of practitioners from different fields about the unique challenges they face in their daily work and how they navigate them. Glean insight into the strategies and approaches that have proven effective in their respective fields.

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Online, self-paced
8 hours
Product Management Program
Stanford School of Engineering