Product Marketing: Meeting the Needs of Your Customers

Think you’ve got a revolutionary product idea? Unless you understand your target customers’ fundamental needs and wants, even the best idea won’t get off the ground. By identifying factors that motivate your customers’ behaviors, you can position your product so that it meets their needs. In this course, you’ll learn what drives customers in your target market, and how to use this information to capitalize on the best market opportunities.

  • Spark new product ideas with frameworks for brainstorming and ideation
  • Apply segmentation techniques to identify your prospective customers and their needs
  • Position your product so it has economic and psychological value
  • Identify which marketing tactics hold the most strategic growth opportunity

Course Outline

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, and Marketing Opportunities
Learn methods for effectively segmenting customer needs. Examine case studies that demonstrate the practical application of these concepts in the real world.
Sources of Value
Learn the three sources of product value - functional, economic, and brand/psychological. See how the Accord Framework is used to enhance a product's value proposition.
New Product Strategy & The Bugaboo Case
Learn how to develop new product ideas. Apply templates for new product strategy, including ideation, subtraction, task unification, division, and multiplication.

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Online, self-paced
8 hours
Product Management Program
Stanford School of Engineering