User Research: Informing Product Decisions with Customer Insights

As a product manager, how can you ensure that your product serves your customers’ unmet (and sometimes unknown) needs? By conducting user research. User research involves spending time with your customers and using quantitative and qualitative testing methods to better understand their needs, behavior, and motivations.

In this course, you will learn how to employ user testing methods at each stage of the product life cycle so that your team can build a superior product that delights your customers.

  • Decide which user testing approach to use in a given situation
  • Screen and recruit subjects for your testing
  • Plan and run rapid experiments, moderated tests, and unmoderated tests
  • Synthesize and share results of testing with stakeholders

Course Outline

Rapid Experimentation
Take a deep dive into rapid experimentation, including how to recruit subjects, run a rapid experiment, and synthesize and share results.
Moderated User Testing
Learn how to create a moderated test plan step-by-step. See examples of good moderation techniques and discover tips for success when moderating user testing.
Unmoderated User Testing
Explore unmoderated user testing and the pros and cons of this user testing method. Learn how to create an unmoderated test plan and synthesize and share your results.

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Online, self-paced
10 hours
Product Management Program
Stanford School of Engineering