Idea-to-Market Program

The Idea-to-Market Entrepreneurship Program provides the tools, techniques, and real-world expertise you need to make your idea a reality. Guided by Stanford faculty and industry professionals, you'll learn concrete ways to shape, frame, communicate and execute new business ideas all within 10 weeks. You'll get the how-to guidance you need to build momentum and move forward with your idea — and repeat the process for every new idea you have.

Upon completion of this program, you will walk away with a market-ready pitch deck that you can present to any stakeholder and potential investor.

  • Apply decision-making frameworks to help you successfully "ideate" and assess market viability of your concepts early on
  • Develop a step-by-step guide to develop a credible value proposition, plan a go-to-market strategy, and practice using proven techniques in product development
  • Create a full financial simulation model and identify KPIs to accurately measure progress and performance
  • Navigate through the complexities of venture capital, properly manage ownership dynamics, and align the interests of founders and investors 

Learning Modules

The Idea-to-Market faculty will guide you step-by-step through the process of preparing your business idea for launch. You’ll watch video lectures, complete at-home assignments, and receive feedback from your course mentor based on your particular idea, so that each week you move closer to making your idea a reality. You’ll build your business plan as you go and conclude the program by submitting your completed pitch and slide deck to our faculty and industry expert mentors.


Assess and Define: Sharpening your Idea

Bringing a new business idea to fruition requires a sequential, systematic process—­from preliminary brainstorming to long-term ownership. Learn how to examine and evaluate a potential new product or service to determine market relevance-and acquire the necessary tools to develop a functional business model.


Development and Launch: Moving from Vision to Reality

Any idea, regardless of how unique, has little value without the right context and application. Learn how to develop a credible value proposition, plan a workable go-to-market strategy, and pursue proven product development approaches that deliver on the product-market-fit.


Planning and Execution: Making the Numbers Work

Your product is ready to go to market, but do you have a systematic plan in place that ensures your business goals are met? Learn to identify and define key planning and execution milestones, including critical metrics that measure progress and performance.


Financing and Structure: Navigating Ownership Dynamics

It's never too early to establish investment and ownership parameters of your new business venture. Learn how to properly manage ownership dynamics, align the interests of both founders and investors, and use best practices to create a market-ready investor pitch and business presentation.

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