Building Company Culture

People are the heart and soul of your organization. The mindsets and values of your employees define your company and ultimately determine the experience of your customers. Knowing how to build processes that create, foster, and reinforce culture helps you stay true to your organization’s vision, even as it expands. In this course, you’ll learn how to thoughtfully and meaningfully grow company culture.

  • Attract and hire the right employees
  • Form, manage, and align effective teams
  • Create incentives, offer feedback, and manage friction
  • Rebuild or strengthen your existing company culture
  • Operationalize company mindset and avoid losing your culture while scaling up

Course Outline

FARTHER Framework
Get an introduction to the FARTHER framework. See how it’s applied to a specific company and learn how culture and mindset are interrelated.
Learn best practices for putting together the founding team as well as how to increase cooperation and improve coordination in your teams.
Finding People
Using a U.S. Navy SEALs case study, to learn how to screen and select candidates.
Learn how to use story to increase coordination and design incentives to improve cooperation so there is alignment throughout your organization.
Explore why any growing organization must hack and discuss ways to hack and how to do it effectively.
Real-Time Feedback
Learn how to provide immediate, concrete feedback to your people using a framework that will help them do better.
Learn about a framework that guides you to examine your hiring process and create a mindset that leads to high engagement from your people.
Examine a framework to understand when and how organizations reinvent. Then learn what friction can do to an organization and how to combat it so the organization and its people can continue to grow.

Course Page
Online, self-paced
12.5 hours
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
Stanford School of Engineering, Graduate School of Business