Scaling Excellence: How You Can Help Make It Happen

Growth requires getting people to do more and do it better. If you’re a senior executive, manager, or frontline employee, you need to spread existing pockets of excellence to more people in more places. This course is based on the premise that scaling is a crucial skill for building vibrant and enduring organizations—small startups to large enterprises—in every industry and sector. You will learn best practices and principles for scaling excellence, and hear from industry leaders who have applied these principles successfully.

  • Get your team or employees to perform at their highest level
  • Build a mindset of accountability and ownership
  • Master tools for pre-empting organizational messes
  • Create a culture that fosters strong and resilient bonds between people

Course Outline

Setting the Stage
Learn about the background for scaling an organization, understand the differences between air war mode and ground war mode, and why organizations need to use the brake and go slower if they want to go faster later.
The Scaling Mantras
Examine the three overarching ideas of scaling: spread the mindset not just the footprint; fear the clusterfug; determine if your organization wants to follow a standardized, replication-based scaling model or follow a looser set of guardrails.
Applying Scaling Principles
Explore the five principles of scaling and how to apply them to your organization: develop a story that embodies a hot cause; cut cognitive load; multiply talent with felt accountability; connect and cascade by creating organizational excellence so you have excellence to spread; and get rid of bad so good can spread because bad is stronger than good.
Parting Points
Learn why it’s important to use pre-mortems to avoid clusterfugs and how to write one.

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Online, self-paced
11.5 hours
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
Stanford School of Engineering, Graduate School of Business