Empathize and Prototype: A Hands-on Dive into the Key Tools of Design Thinking

Move beyond theory and dive into hands-on practice in the art of innovation. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the key concepts and tools of design thinking by two of the Stanford d.school’s top design thinking practitioners. Through a series of application-based exercises, you’ll learn step by step how to approach new projects and challenges with the mindset of an innovative problem-solver.

  • Build empathy with your customer to gain valuable insights
  • Use rapid experimentation to prototype concepts quickly and effectively
  • Gain early user feedback to reduce time to launch
  • Synthesize your project findings into a compelling problem statement

Course Outline

Take a deep dive into the empathize part of the design thinking process. After introducing you to the concept of empathy, the teaching team heads to a hotel to guide you through the process of conducting real user interviews.
Explore the “define” stage of the design thinking process. After introducing some useful tools, the team discusses the results of their interviews and have fun creating a point of view that resonates with the group.
Learn the process of building your own rapid prototypes. Along the way, you'll see the teaching team at work on their own low-res prototypes.
Explore user testing and learn how to engage with users to test a prototype. Get tips for collecting meaningful user feedback.

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Online, self-paced
10 hours
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Creativity and Design Thinking Program
Stanford School of Engineering, Graduate School of Business