Strategies for Sustainability

This course helps you to rethink how your organization can positively impact your business and the world while continuing to thrive in your industry. Stanford faculty and industry experts guide you through the transformation of an economy, from one that was driven solely by the bottom line to one that is based on positive impact. You will learn how building sustainability into core business strategies can make a big difference in accelerating your organization’s growth and securing its long-term success. You’ll hear first-hand how sustainability leaders Kate Brandt (Sustainability Officer, Google Inc.) and Adam Lowry (Co-Founder, Method) took steps to ensure that their companies remain at the forefront of sustainable business practices and innovation.

Coursework includes short videos, online exercises and a quick knowledge check at the end.

  • Make a positive impact on your organization's bottom line and improve your company's reputation
  • Improve decision-making with a systems thinking approach and the Capital Asset Framework to maximize social, financial and environmental returns
  • Leverage the connection between employees, customers, natural resources, and communities to drive innovation, sound business strategies and good outcomes
  • Differentiate between business models that incorporate circular economy approaches to create long-term value

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Online, self-paced
7 hours
Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program
Stanford School of Engineering, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability