Transforming the User Experience through Artificial Intelligence

How do we design artificial intelligence (AI) systems that augment and empower people? This digital transformation course shows you how to connect human-computer interaction (HCI), the multidisciplinary field that focuses on designing interactions between humans and technology, to the transformative effects of AI so that you can better serve your customers and create superior products. You’ll learn to make informed decisions on how and when our company should be designing smart and AI-based products to change how you work, learn and communicate.

  • Utilize AI to empower people, rather than replace them
  • Design for AI's inherent uncertainty and error in your products
  • Utilize AI-driven design to create better products and utilize new forms of user sensing (e.g., voice commands, gestural interaction)

Course Outline

An Introduction to Binary Classification
Explore examples of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligence augmentation and learn what AI can and cannot do in today's digital world.
Dealing with Uncertainty and Error
Learn how to prepare for and address uncertainty and error in AI. Examine how an interactive system should model uncertainty and address it in a user interface.
AI-Driven Design
Artificial Intelligence can drive design and innovation within an organization. Learn how design mining and visual preferences can enhance AI-driven design.
Interactive Machine Learning
Machine learning models can be difficult to predict, design, and debug. Examine intelligible machine learning and how the power of AI-enabled machine learning can help interpret, simplify, and influence an organization.
Multimodal Interaction
Explore the multimodal interaction of artificial intelligence. Learn about the different types of sensors within AI and how they are interwoven in everyday life and organizations.
AIs in Social Environments
Learn how AI is integrated into online social media systems and how to design these interactions so they feel effective.

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Online, self-paced
7.5 hours
Digital Transformation Program
Stanford School of Engineering