Rethinking Teams: Designing for the Modern Workforce

In today’s digitally connected landscape, traditional, co-located work teams are a thing of the past. Instead, leading companies are bringing together groups of geographically-distributed individuals using communication and collaboration technologies, that allow them to convene quickly and tap into subject experts all over the world. In this digital transformation course, you’ll be introduced to the latest research and trends in team design. You’ll learn the key factors that make distributed teams successful and ways that you can utilize technology to form effective teams in the digital world.

  • Optimize your team’s performance by utilizing crowdsourcing, flash teams, and artificial intelligence project platforms
  • Incentivize teams, balance decision-making, and minimize conflict
  • Design innovative teams that support and foster digital transformation

Course Outline

Basics of Team Design
Start with an introduction to organizational and team design. Explore how team design influences team behaviors and learn to spot effective and ineffective behaviors in your teams.
Flash Teams: Crowdsourcing and Team Design
Take a deep dive into flash teams. Hear examples of how organizations have used flash teams to transform their work and learn how decisions about team design change when new technologies are introduced.
Data and Team Design
Explore a world where work is accomplished using networks and platforms. Learn how the data from these platforms can be leveraged to optimize team workflows and see how artificial intelligence is redefining the role of a manager.
Change Processes
Learn strategies to tackle challenges that managers and teams are likely to face during a digital transformation: how to make progress together when the end state is unclear.

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Online, self-paced
7 hours
Digital Transformation Program
Stanford School of Engineering