Foundations of Information Security

Data breaches are time-consuming, expensive, and bad for business. But with the right information security, you can reduce your company’s risk of unauthorized access and destruction of your information technology systems.

In this online cybersecurity course, you’ll learn to build countermeasures to defend against the most fundamental and common types of vulnerabilities, risks and attacks that your company could face, so you can ensure business continuity and provide your stakeholders with peace of mind. You’ll apply your learning to real-world cases, so you can understand how high-profile mega-breaches at Target, JPMorgan, Chase, Yahoo and Equifax occurred.

This course features an interactive, virtual lab in which you’ll be given an opportunity to identify flaws and manipulate systems, and perform ethical hacking.

  • Understand fundamental objectives of cybersecurity
  • Find vulnerabilities in your organization, and design more secure systems using proven cybersecurity principles
  • Prevent and defend against common cybersecurity attacks like phishing, malware, third-party compromise, cross-site attacks, and code injection attacks
  • Understand introductory concepts and applications of cryptography
  • Comply with key cybersecurity standards, and develop a security program within your organization

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Online, self-paced
18 hours
Advanced Cybersecurity Program
Stanford School of Engineering