Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare organizations require effective management to ensure high-quality patient care and operational efficiency. To succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape, professionals need to develop the leadership capacity to adapt and respond to change. 

In this course, you’ll be equipped with leadership knowledge and skills to cultivate lasting improvement across your healthcare setting. Over eight weeks, you’ll engage with various systems improvement frameworks, learn to effectively overcome a crisis through communication, and improve your decision-making ability in high-stake environments. Guided by experts, you’ll also create strategies to optimize team performance and explore how to leverage the power of vulnerability to build trust and collaboration. On completion of the course, you’ll gain an individual development plan to help you lead change and make a meaningful impact in your healthcare organization. 

Throughout the course, you’ll be exposed to a combination of research, inspirational videos from healthcare leaders, interactive infographics, podcasts, case studies, and experiential exercises that will aid you in applying the concepts covered to your context.

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Online, self-paced, GetSmarter
Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Center for Health Education