Health Communication: Strategies for Impact and Success

In an era of medical misinformation, false data and unsourced recommendations on health are shared wide and fast via social media and similar online platforms. Medical and communication specialists need to ensure clear and legitimate information is easily accessible to prevent the dissemination of misleading healthcare information. 

In the Health Communication: Strategies for Impact and Success, you’ll develop fundamental skills to facilitate effective communication about health and science. In six weeks, you’ll learn to deliver effective medical information to various audiences through an understanding of the health information ecosystem. You’ll also be empowered to render impactful technical and scientific presentations that resonate clearly and effectively with a range of audiences. Guided by Academic Directors Dr. Jonathan S. Berek and Dr. Seema Yasmin, you’ll leverage practical tools and techniques provided by the course to conduct difficult conversations around health information, and achieve productive exchanges with colleagues, patients, the media, and online audiences. 

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Online, self-paced, EdX
Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Center for Health Education