BioSecurity and Pandemic Resilience

Overview of the most pressing biosecurity issues facing the world today, with a special focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. Critical examination of ways of enhancing biosecurity and pandemic resilience to the current and future pandemics. Examination of how the US and the world is able to withstand a pandemic or a bioterrorism attack, how the medical/healthcare field, government, and technology sectors are involved in biosecurity and pandemic or bioterrorism preparedness and response and how they interface; the rise of synthetic biology with its promises and threats; global bio-surveillance; effectiveness of various containment and mitigation measures; hospital surge capacity; medical challenges; development, production, and distribution of countermeasures such as vaccines and drugs; supply chain challenges; public health and policy aspects of pandemic preparedness and response; administrative and engineering controls to enhance pandemic resilience; testing approaches and challenges; promising technologies for pandemic response and resilience, and other relevant topics.

Previous Guest Lecturers:

  • Condoleezza Rice - Former Secretary of State
  • Dr. Ken Bernard - Former Special Assistant on Biosecurity to Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr.
  • Dr. Alex Garza - Chief Medical Officer of the Homeland Security Department

Note: NDO Students must enroll in this course for 4 units. Additional 1 unit for writing a research paper for 5 units total maximum.

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$2,704.00 - $6,760.00 Subject to change
Online, instructor-led
10 weeks, 5-15 hrs/week
International Security Graduate Certificate
Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences