Entrepreneurial Management and Finance

This course requires a course-specific application.

For graduate students only with a preference for engineering and science majors. Emphasis on managing high-growth, early-stage ventures, especially those with technology-intensive products and services. Students work in teams to develop skills and approaches necessary to becoming effective entrepreneurial leaders and managers. Key topics involve ethical decision-making when assessing risks, understanding business models, analyzing key operational metrics, modeling cash flow and capital requirements, evaluating sources of financing, structuring and negotiating investments, managing organizational culture and incentives, navigating the trade-offs between control versus growth objectives, and handling adversity and failure. Enrollment in the course requires attendance at a VC field trip (via web conference or in-person), and commitment to participation in several team-based activities (via web conference or in-person). Limited enrollment with admission by an application available on Canvas and due after the first class session. 

Topics Include

  • Business model analysis, deal structure and negotiation
  • Raising capital and financial management
  • Venture operations and organizational administration
  • Managing the interplay between ownership and growth
  • Handling adversity as well as failure

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$4,200.00 Subject to change
Online, instructor-led
10 weeks, 9-15 hrs/week
Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate Technology and Engineering Management Graduate Certificate
Stanford School of Engineering