Introduction to Matrix Methods

Introduction to Matrix Methods
Introduction to Matrix Methods


Matrix methods should not be a spectator sport. This course will introduce you to the basic ideas of vectors, matrices, and linear algebra, emphasizing applications. You'll learn how linear algebra is all around you, and how it is used in zillions of applications. You do not need to have seen any linear algebra before; you will develop it from scratch. In the course you will do some very simple programming in the language Julia, so you should have seen some very basic simple programming. You do not need to know about any applications; you will cover that in detail. Even if you have already seen all the material in the course, we encourage you to take it, because (we guess) you haven't seen it the way it is presented here.

The instructors will de-mystify some things that might look like magic to you now. Anyone who has the relevant background and is up for it is welcome in this course.

NOTE: This course was formerly EE103

What you will learn

  • The math, and how it’s connected to the real world
  • What you can actually do with it – data fitting and classification, tomography, control, portfolio optimization (to mention just a few things)
  • About some cool applications (and some not cool ones, too)

Course Availability

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MATH 51 or CME 100, and basic knowledge of computing ( CS 106A is more than enough, and can be taken concurrently).

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