Your Next Life Chapter: A Design Thinking and Behavioral Science–Based Approach

Today's simultaneous pandemic, social justice, and climate change challenges have affected society deeply. Many of us are considering how to improve key aspects of our lives—work, health, love, community, play, or spirituality. This course, based on a course the instructor teaches to Stanford students, will help you identify the areas that matter most to you and develop a plan for change in these areas. To help inform and sustain your change efforts, we will explore what behavioral science research tells us about the meaning of life, mindsets, vulnerability, and habits. We will also apply design thinking, engage in deep reflection, and collaborate with other students to help broaden our perspectives and stimulate creativity. Your plan will include establishing clear and measurable goals for yourself, identifying assets you will draw on, and preparing for barriers you may encounter along the way. You will develop key elements of your plan by the end of the third session. In the fourth session, you will complete your plan and come away ready to launch an exciting new life chapter. This course will help you regardless of the phase of life or frame of mind you are in.

Raj Bhargava
Educator; Entrepreneur

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Online, instructor-led
Jan 22 - Feb 26, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies