Motherhood and Work: Challenges and Opportunities for Positive Change

As more and more mothers aspire to a life filled with career success, family, and couple equity at home, success in all areas can feel elusive. However, when we understand the current and historical dynamics at play that impact mothers across society, home, work, and in our policies, we have a clearer foundation for crafting change. This course will equip all kinds of leaders and caregivers with the knowledge, tactics, and strategies to effect positive change for mothers at work, at home, and in life. Women have been told they can do and have it all, yet the realities mothers often face when managing both their paid and unpaid work (household responsibilities and caring for children and family) can feel unsustainable. This course will examine the complexity of work-life balance through the lens of working parents, particularly working mothers, as they navigate the confluence of career and caregiving. We’ll begin by understanding gender stereotypes and biases, the opt-in versus opt-out debate, and factors that have led to our caregiving crisis. We’ll also explore the cultural, societal, and organizational changes that must occur to better support mothers and caregivers; policies that impact mothers globally; and effective strategies for improving the division of unpaid work at home and how this impacts paid work.

Kristi Rible
Founder, The Huuman Group

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Online, instructor-led
Feb 5 - Mar 15, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies