Serial Photography: Building a Photo Project

In the early 20th century, photography emerged as a complex art form, demanding expertise in physics and chemistry. Each photo held great value and was considered a self-contained work of art. Today, digital technology unlocks our ability to take and share infinite numbers of photos that serve as powerful communication tools, especially when carefully curated. In this course, we will explore the concept of series photography and delve into the potential for storytelling within a photographic project. To begin, we will identify areas of interest for each student and develop a range of potential themes for individual photo projects. Throughout this course, our focus will be on creating a series of photographs connected by a common theme, idea, or location. The chosen theme can encompass anything from your beloved pet to socially significant subjects like the global environmental crisis or migration policy.Students will be assigned assigned photographic tasks to complete independently as they work on their projects, along with a small selection of readings. Through critiques and discussions, we will establish a visual language and determine the genres that best convey each series' essence. Additionally, students will gain insight into the historical origins of series photography as well as documentary and artistic photo projects.

Oleg Savunov
Photographer; Visual Artist

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Online, instructor-led
Jan 16 - Mar 19, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies