The Power of the Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and Leading Others

Do you tend to follow the same patterns or make the same mistakes? Do you notice that others see opportunities differently? Are you curious how you might become a stronger leader and a more effective co-worker? The Enneagram is a time-tested system that enables you to understand personality types—for yourself and others. In this course, you will gain profound insights into how personalities drive behaviors, and you will learn a compelling framework for personal and professional growth. Using readings, reflections, and interactive activities, we will explore the nine personality types and 27 specific subtypes of the Enneagram. You will see patterns of behavior that are often unrecognized and the motivation behind them. The Enneagram is a tool for personal growth and transformation—a way to bring out the best in yourself and others. You will be able to choose when to continue your current behavior and when another way might be better. The Enneagram can help you improve communication, better manage conflicts, embrace diversity, strengthen teams, and expand your leadership skills. Using the Enneagram can also enhance your emotional intelligence: with more self-awareness comes better self-regulation, more empathy for others, and stronger social skills—all of which will help you appreciate different approaches and collaborate more effectively with others.

Suzanne Taylor
Certified Leadership Coach; Enneagram Trainer


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Online, instructor-led
Feb 5 - Mar 18, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies