Governance for Startup Board Members

Board members are the stewards of a business, and it is their responsibility to maximize the value of the business they oversee for the benefit of shareholders. They represent investors and play a powerful role in the success (and too often, failure) of startup companies. But how do you effectively serve in this often challenging role? How do you make sure the dynamics in your board rooms are highly functional? How do you embrace accountability without formal authority? Students will learn what roles and responsibilities come with the title of board member, how board members are selected and compensated, and how they protect themselves. They will also learn how boards can, and must, work well together and what is required of them during key moments, including fundraising, CEO replacement, bankruptcy, company sale, and IPO. The course will focus on the specific role of board members of fast-growing startup companies and will combine lectures, high-profile guest speakers, and practical examples. Whether you are the founder of a company just setting up your first board of directors, an aspiring startup board member, or an experienced board member with years of startup service, this course will help you be a more effective and resourceful member of the board of directors.

Matthias Weber
Partner, Mighty Capital


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Online, instructor-led
Jan 30 - Feb 27, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies