Brain Health: Understand and Fine-Tune Your Memory and Mind

Are there activities we can do to improve the health of our brain other than maintaining a nutritious diet and physical exercise? Do mental exercises like crossword puzzles and brain games really help? As we age, how can we slow down cognitive decline associated with the retention of information, attention, and the speed at which we process information effectively? In this course, we will examine these questions as well as practical ways to improve the overall health of our brain, including an important aspect of the brain—our memory. Beginning this course with a primer on how our brains and minds work, including central theories and cognitive models about them, we will then explore some of the research underway in the field of cognitive science. By the end of the course, students will come away with a better understanding of the mind, the role our genes and our environment play in making up who we are, and how we can work to improve our own mind and memory. We will have a guest speaker from the field of brain health visit the class to discuss recent research findings.

Paul Li
Lecturer in Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley


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Online, instructor-led
Jan 17 - Feb 14, 2024
Stanford Continuing Studies