Advanced Biochemical Engineering

Advanced Biochemical Engineering


In this course, students will combine biological knowledge and methods with quantitative principles and strategies for biochemical engineering. Students should also expect to advance their understanding of fundamental biochemical engineering techniques in order to make important products, materials and therapeutics as well as become familiar with technologies at the forefront of biochemical engineering. Diverse case studies will be used to show applications from human health to renewable materials in order to help students develop a working knowledge of biomolecular engineering.


Extensive prior knowledge of biotechnology is not required. Students should hold a BS in Science or Engineering and have basic knowledge and review basic nucleic acid and protein chemistry, as well as genetic code as the central dogma of biology prior to participating in this course.

CHEMENG181 or BIOSCI41, or equivalent.

Topics include

  • Recombinant DNA technology and synthetic biology
  • Gene and genome modification
  • Protein engineering and directed evolution
  • Cellular metabolism

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Course Archived

Winter 2021-22
Stanford School of Engineering