The Art of the Pitch | Harvard University

The Art of the Pitch | Harvard University
You have an idea, or you've created a brilliant piece of work: a novel, a screenplay, a concept for a TV series—maybe even a scripted nonfiction podcast. Now what? How do you convince others to jump on board to buy or create or collaborate or publish or produce your story? How do you move it out of your desk drawer or hard drive or imagination, and into the world? In this course, we break down the making of a pitch into its core elements as we practice strategies for producing pitch materials and for pitching your project in the room to a live audience. Students write and revise three treatments: one for an established work, one for a work they've created, and one for an idea they are developing. Students write a query letter, build a pitch deck, and do three live pitches. Finally, students develop an insider's perspective on industry practices and etiquette, essential knowledge for anyone interested in the business of creation.

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