Quantitative Methods for Biology | Harvard University

Quantitative Methods for Biology | Harvard University

Are you a biologist, health worker, or medical student who needs to learn how to program? Are you a programmer who wants a better understanding of the medical field? Are you looking for an introduction to MATLAB?

For beginners, Quantitative Methods for Biology takes a unique approach, giving you an inside glimpse of a course and its learners. You'll study alongside students who are also learning to code.

For expert programmers, this course has a will help you learn the MATLAB you need without getting slowed down by introductory concepts that you already know. Whether you're already comfortable with Python, Javascript, r, or some other language, we'll help you translate that knowledge to MATLAB.

All learners will be able to access a copy of MATLAB that they can use during the run of the course, free of charge. There will also be opportunities to put code directly into assignments so that you can test your skills and work on authentic projects.

In addition, this course uses an adaptive approach to its assignments. The more skilled you are, the fewer problems you'll need to complete in order to finish the course. If you're having difficulty, we'll make sure that you get the practice you need in order to succeed.

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December 6, 2023 - December 4, 2024
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