Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Contrasting Visions | Harvard University

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Contrasting Visions | Harvard University

This conference will empower participants to assess this complex landscape and its divergent visions and provide essential learning to engage with PAP as a cutting-edge therapeutic tool. 

With presentations by leading clinicians and researchers plus panel discussions and interaction with attendees, this conference will present current evidence and address critical issues, including: Are psychedelic compounds more effective when they “assist” a particular therapeutic modality? Can clinicians safely and effectively combine psychedelics with their own styles and approaches? Are group or individual therapy models more effective for some populations? Does PAP need to be tailored for clients with traditionally marginalized identities and if so, how? 

In order to navigate the rapidly changing PAP landscape and patients’ ever-growing interest, clinicians need knowledge and insights to critically understand the field and its clinical implications. Given the multiple stakeholders involved, including pharmaceutical and other for-profit companies, government agencies and academic research institutions and grassroots community organizers, clinicians may struggle with what to believe, who to trust and how to advise their patients. This conference will provide the knowledge and confidence necessary to assess the contrasting — and sometimes competing — visions of PAP from both theoretical and practical perspectives. 

Join us in February to explore these contrasting visions. All clinicians who are interested in learning more about the potential of psychedelics in psychotherapy are welcome to attend, with both in-person and online options available. We look forward to an expansive, thought-provoking and enriching conference! 

This accredited course is offered by Cambridge Hospital Alliance. This course is targeted to Psychologists, Specialty Physicians, Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers and Counselors. 

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$345 - $540
February 9 - February 10, 2024
CE/CME Certificate